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The first words that popped into our minds when we saw photos of House R were “lightbox of joy.” Aren’t you just filled with the most delightful sense of joy upon seeing this wonderful glowing home? Not to mention that fun shape! It’s almost like living in a glowing tetris piece. No? Well, if you don’t see the resemblance to an old video game, that’s alright; you can probably still see that this is a pretty sweet modern home.

Built in Karlsruhe, Germany by Christ.Christ Associated Architects, you can see this house just has a lot of what we’ve been feeling lately: that at-night glowy look; lots of big windows, green grass, modern furniture. There’s just a sort of “epic” feeling to the interior of the space. Like every inch of it was built to convey a feeling of grandeur. And of course that fun shape of the exterior really almost makes the whole rest of the interior feel very unique.

Images: Architizer 
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