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It’s a barn! No, it’s a house! No–it’s a barn house! Love those mixed, multi-use spaces that work for the people who will be living and working in the spaces. Sometime you have to think outside of the box (or barn, as it were) to design a space that will get its user just what they need to create the life they want. That’s what we’re seeing, anyway, in this piece of architecture by Oficina Informal in Cundinamarca, Colombia:

“We aim at combining urban infrastructure related to comfort and connectivity with the practical aspect of rural life. In our hybrid scheme both scenarios blend together in spaces properly equipped (with adaptable usages, thermic and closure conditions, etc). The building program that combined housing and offices responded to a cooperation principle that promote a more active coexistence and relationships among owners, their children and the administrator’s family, and of the latter with daily life labors.”

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