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“The new millennium, thought to be a period of great happiness or human perfection, during which holiness is meant to prevail, instead has begun as a time of fearful uncertainty marked by heightened intolerance and injustice resulting in multitudes of pointless wars driven by righteousness and posturing, wreaking on Mother Earth.” Say artist Iva Hladis.    Having overcome her own personal challenges of escaping from the Czech Republic years ago with only the clothes she was wearing, making a new start in this country, Iva Hladis has an amazing sense of finding optimism where she can.

The idea for “Origins Extinct” piqued her consciousness by the book, “Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed” by Jared Diamond who explains how many societies would ultimately fail as civilizations by looking out only for their short-term needs without any consideration of their long-term survival. Cities like Japan, however, saw the wisdom in looking out for their children’s future and took appropriate steps in insuring the natural resources of their land were protected for the long-term.


By chance she found a pile of old computer chipboards and auspiciously a stash of long forgotten gingko leaves in the back of her flat files. The Gingko tree is one of the oldest trees on Earth and very sacred for the people of Japan. With “Origins Extinct” she wanted to to connect to the reverence the Japanese hold  for the Earth and convey their esteem through my cultivated amalgamation of man-made materials and organic elements.


With “Origins Extinct” she tied opposing elements together to convey the frail ecological state our world is now faced with. Keeping with the Japanese motif, she chose the ancient writing style of Kanji for its history and for its powerful symbolism. Intentionally her work reflects the simplicity and balance much needed in everyday life and pay respect to the Japanese way of living in the world rather than just living on the world.

Her latest work in the series includes light boxes which illuminate the work from behind.

Hladis is also involved with the organization  Arts:Earth  Partnership, an advocate for  creating awareness and adhering to sustainable practices within the artist community.

Thankfully people are creating more awareness for the environment and beauty.  Thank you Iva Hladis.

Have an infinitely modern Thanksgiving!

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