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Interview: John Cook of David Trubridge

Categories: Exclusive Interviews

One of our newest designers at 2Modern is New Zealand-based David Trubridge, whose work is a visual delight. Full of digital, natural and geometric shapes, these wood lights are airy, dynamic, delightful and the perfect addition to a modern space. We got the chance to speak with John Cook; he’s based in Austin with a warehouse, and is President of Wakanine and North American representative for the David Trubridge brand. 

His passion for this brand, the only one he reps currently, is palpable, and we appreciated hearing about why he chose David’s work to bring to America and why he continues to rep his work today. You’ll love hearing about what makes David Trubridge‘s work so special, as well.

Find David Trubridge lights at 2Modern. And we’ll have a transcript posted shortly.

Find David Trubridge lights at 2Modern.

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