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Boy we are feeling the fall colors lately over at 2Modern. We spotted the awesome olive-green wall in this modern kitchen and immediately knew this was a home with a color palette we could get behind. We’re not sure how unusual green itself is in kitchens, but here with this hue it seems surprising and different. And what a great contrast with that warm wood color of the shelves.

The rest of this home, as found on Dwell in the article Level Headed written by Rachel Levin, shows a lot of white–mostly on the walls–with a lot of pops of color (some might say more fall ones) sprinkled around. Their great space also has some fun wood plank ceilings in some rooms, giving more of a fall feel. The mix of everything really makes us consider this to be a fresh fall feel, and one for folks who like the colors but still like a clean, bright space. More here.

Images: Daniel Hennessy via Dwell
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