Interiors: Awesome Fall Color Palette

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We sure wish we had more of this space beyond just one photo to show you, but unfortunately, it’s all we got. We spotted this one shot of a tiny, cozy corner on the UK site House to Home and just loved every modern detail. The mix of the chair styles. That dark, rich, charcoal gray wall color. The way that smooth, shiny, sleek modern pendant light’s shape mimics the absolutely adorable cafe table.

We love how each of the chairs not only brings a different shape and style to the mix, but also color (pretty much flaunting that it’s ignoring all advice us “experts” usually give about having at least one thing in common). We love that there’s no art on the wall and that it’s left kind of barren and neutral. We just like it!

Does this photo spark inspiration for one of your own home’s color palettes, perchance? What colors is your home currently rocking? Let us know in the comments!

Image: Jean-Marc Wullschleger
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