In Awe of Modern: Reading Between the Lines

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This church is so amazing. What an interpretation of the idea of modern. This is mostly just a hint of a structure. Just a very suggestion of a shape that people throughout the world can understand as a symbol of a religious building. And in another way, this is one of the most spiritual examples of religious architecture we’ve seen in a while; this place of worship allows you to both marvel at the natural world and the world that man has been able to shape. From Domus:

“Gijs Van Vaerenbergh. Reading Between the Lines is created by duo Pieterjan Gijs (Leuven, 1983) and Arnout Van Vaerenbergh (Leuven, 1983). Since 2007, the two Belgian architects have designed projects for public space…At 10 meters high, the church is composed of 100 thin sheets and 2,000 columns of steel. With a staggered, stacked construction, the exterior landscape is visible through the ‘walls’ of the church. In this way, the church is simultaneously both present and absent. Depending on the perspective of the beholder, the church may be perceived as a full mass or seemingly dissolve into the landscape. On the other hand, observing the countryside from inside the church renders it recomposed through a series of abstract lines. ”

Images: Kristof Vrancken via Domus
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