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Home for the Holidays DIY: Revamp Your Floor

Categories: DIY + How To, Modern Holiday Ideas

You can buy a new dining table. You can buy some new dining room chairs. You can grab a new table cloth or table runner. You can get more art and sure, you can even get a new rug or two. But if there are any floors in your house you don’t love, don’t have the time or money to renovate but want to do something new before guests come, we’ve got a DIY projects for you!

More specifically, Apartment Therapy did a fabulous round up of ten floor painting projects from around the web that all feature the same thing: a once-yucky or boring floor made absolutely stunning. Each project has different material needs, and they range from easier to difficult; whatever you are in the mood for or have the skills set for.

Will you revamp your floors before guests arrive for the holidays? Will you use any of these projects as inspiration? Let us know!

 Images: Craft and Paisley Wallpaper via Apartment Therapy

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