Holiday DIY: Slick Modern Acorn Wreath

DIY + How To

Wreathes can really go south when it comes to modern aesthetics if you’re not careful. It can be easy to go too cutesy, too frilly and even too holiday-y. When we came across this modern acorn wreath DIY project, we knew we had found our wreath. And, depending on where you live, most of the materials could be free! We spotted this project on the blog Little Things Bring Smiles.

This post will take you from prepping the acorns to placing them on a store bought (cheap) wreath to painting them—if you so desire. We actually can’t decide which way we like better, the acorns raw and unpainted or spray-painted a neat color. The best part? This relatively easy and affordable project can be your wreath through many holidays…from fall, to Thanksgiving, to Christmas and more! Just keep updating the color! More.

Images: Katie Miller via Little Things Bring Smiles
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