Holiday Decor We Don’t Hate: Twinkle Canvas

DIY + How To

There are plenty of things that remind us of the holidays, but one thing that’s strongest has got to be white strings of lights. There’s just something about a dark room illuminated by a bunch of twinkling, tiny lights that puts some holiday warmth right in us. If you want to start infusing your home with holiday warmth and avoiding holiday cliches and bad holiday decor, we’re going to be spending the next few weeks finding DIY projects we think would actually look good in a modern home. And could maybe even be something you keep year round!

Loving this glittering lightscape first found on Apartment Therapy. Wouldn’t you just love this if that white canvas maybe said “Seasons Greetings” in like helvetica, or maybe if you had two canvases, one red and one green. Or what if there was a cool graphic of a menorah that you could light up? We like that with this project, you have control over how “holiday-ish” it gets. The perfect project for someone who loves their clean modern aesthetic but wants to get into the mood of the season, too! How to do it here.

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