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“Red makes you high. Red is in the spectrum of sunlight. Look into the fiery red sunset and it will give you the strength of the following day.” said Rupprecht Geiger, an abstract painter and sculptor from Germany.  Geiger aimed to free color from form and remove it from its context. Color was his main subject from the start.

His experimentations with luminous and fluorescent paints made the colors appear more brighter, floating on the surface, shimmering and pulsating. It was as if like the color had its own destiny. Later in his life, he used the full spectrum of reds.

He saw the intrinsic power of reds; “red is life, energy, potency, power, love, warmth, and strength.”

To bring higher effect into his paintings, he used cool and warm reds side by side, lighter and darker ones to elevate the contrast and gradations to emphasize the illusion.

Source: Chroma; Design, Architecture and Art in Color- by Barbara Glasner and Petra Schmidt





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