Fresh, Flexible Furniture: Offi Sale!

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You like incorporating hip, good-humored, high-quality, fun, stylish and affordable furniture in your home? What a coincidence! We’re having a huge Offi sale FOR THE REST OF THE MONTH and you’ve simply got to check out all the awesome Offi products that are 20% off until November 30th. Offi sale!

Known for awesome designs by their own designers, Offi’s also worked with tons of top name designers, so you could basically own something designed by Karim Rashid at a totally reasonable price (like the popular and kid-friendly Kapsule Chair). Or show your love of furry friends by grabbing a Mypetlamps, like a Siamese or Dachshund. Offi’s Tiki Stools can go anywhere and do just about anything, so you’ll want to grab a few of them for multiple rooms in your house. Or organize all those quaint print magazines and books with Offi’s Magazine Stand and News Organizer.

See everything on sale and marvel at getting to take home amazing modern design at such affordable prices: Offi.

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