Formations By SPAN

Architecture & Interiors

Architects Matias del Campo and Sandra Manninger teamed up in 2003 to found the Viennese studio SPAN.  The team conceives of architecture as a process and works in the field of applied architectural theory.   For the MAK Center Gallery in Los Angeles  they created “Formations” an exhibit with installations based on organic forms of movement.


SPAN has been investigating the application of recursive geometry as a method to explore density in urban conditions.   The images are entirely computer generated representations of this idea, generated with the use of algorithms based on the idea of self-similarity and recursion.   Many times cities have been described as organisms.  The computations reveal the presence of algorithmic rule-sets in organic tissues.  These models create opportunities to explore different approaches to urban design environments and evolution of the urban system.
Dynamic and abstract, their shape may be derived organically form algorithms they are a splendid thing to behold.

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