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I had the opportunity to visit one of my absolute favorite events in Austin this weekend: the East Austin Studio Tour. It’s two weekends full of artists and art and creativity and inspiration and good people. It was a blast. I saw some AMAZING work. To pick a favorite would be impossible, but I can pick a favorite new-to-me artist who made an impact on my soul: Jason Webb.

The thing that makes Jason’s art so awesome is the genuineness to it. Photographing and painting derelict buildings is nothing new; hipsters have long flocked to the idea of immortalizing these sorts of environments as some sort of statement toward the modern world. But Jason Webb ain’t no hipster chasing after a painting trend; he’s an older fella with a sweet 70’s stache and some serious talent and just seems to be personally drawn to this subject matter. And he does an amazing job of capturing these scenes. So detailed. Love the color palettes. Just love how well these pieces embody specific atmospheres. Check our more paintings of his on his website.

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