Featured Artist: Andrea Pramuk

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Really enjoying the “After-life” series of paintings by Austin-based artist Andrea Pramuk; they’re very ethereal and dreamy. Made by puddles of color, they’re surprisingly deep–you feel like you could simply dive right into these paintings. Fairly small pieces, they’re made all the more potent because of their tiny size. We like the concept and background to her starting this series, as well; very powerful. In her own words:

“The paintings included in the After-life series are made by building up puddles of floating pigment. I wanted to construct three-dimensional, yet soft spaces to move through, touch, or brush away like smoke. Inspired by the death of a close friend, my father’s stroke and the oil spill in the Gulf last year, I began exploring the passage of time from this world to the next and what that experience might look and feel like.” More here.

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