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Holidays: Drink Outta These!

Categories: Modern Holiday Ideas

Don’t let the precious lips of your guests touch just any glasses! Pour fancy drinks and life-giving water into the most hallowed of modern glasses, tumblers and more. Heck yeah 2Modern’s got some gorgeous ones. You want to see some stunning glasses from names like Blomus, Iittala, notNeutral and more? You do? It’s right here for yah! 2Modern Modern Glasses & Drinkware.

Pictured: iittala – Kartio Tumblers, iittala – Aino Aalto Tumblers, iittala – Essence White Wine Glass, iittala – Ultima Thule O.F. Glass and iittala – Aarne Pilsner Glass.

2 Comments to "Holidays: Drink Outta These!"

  1. I realized I have them all… exept my Aarne model is a for champagne, not pilsner :)

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