Dining Chair DIY Round-up: 4 Ideas

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Last week we brought you a stunning array of purchasable dining chairs if you’ve suddenly realized the holidays are FAST approaching and your dining space isn’t quite ready/big enough to accommodate. While we loved every chair we suggested, we know that not everyone will be able to afford to buy a whole new batch of chairs. If you’ve got the time and the will, we’ve got some DIY ideas for your dining chairs this year.

Start from scratch: Make your own modern dining chairs. Spotted on the DIY Network, this seems incredibly time, skill, tool and labor intensive. But, you sure will wow your guests when they lean back in a chair you made entirely on your own.

Update the upholstery: How to reupholster a seat pad. Also seen on the DIY Network, this is a step-by-step guide on how to really give your chairs a fresh new look—if they happen to have a seat pad with fabric you can change out. With so many fabric options out there, you could really make your entire space look different.

Make ’em look new: Paint your dining chairs. Apartment Therapy has some great tips and ideas on how to update your dining space by painting your dining chairs.

Fast and easy: Dip ’em. Still one of our favorite ideas, and something that would take considerably little work compared to the other suggestions: just dip the legs! A cool, modern look.

Will you be keeping your dining chairs the same this holiday/entertaining season, buying new ones or refreshing your old ones yourself? Let us know your ideas!

Images: Apartment Therapy
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