Colorful, Warm Interior: Amber Lewis

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Loving these interior photos and interview we spotted on Glitter Guide of interior designer Amber Lewis, of Amber Interiors. So comfortable with a slight bohemian feel, but with lots of modern elements, as well. It’s our favorite kind of style: highly personalized and unique and interesting. We were really struck, honestly, by that dining room shot first. We just love that worn wood table, boldly-colored rug and vintage light. So lovely.

“I think the most important thing is balance: using neutrals on the big ticket items (like a sofa) and then adding layers of bright, poppy colors.” — taken from the interview on Glitter Guide. Read the rest and see lots of beautiful photos there.

What do you think? Would you categorize this as “modern”? Why or why not? We’re curious.

Images: via Glitter Guide 
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