Awesome Illustration: Siggi Eggertsson

Art & Design

There are a couple of lines in illustrator Siggi Eggertsson’s biography on his website that we think really get at the heart of defining his style: “In my childhood, drawing and computers were my biggest hobbies. I found out that I could combine those two into a profession called graphic design.” His colorful, bold work is like the exact intersection of drawing and computers.

It’s like if computers starting making their own work, it would look like Siggi’s. But Siggi’s no computer (not that we know of). Just a really clever, witty fellow from Iceland whose work spans the gamut of graphic design like posters and album covers to personal projects (he’s got a strange obsession with LeBron James) to some fashion stuff and more. This kid (I can say this because I was born a year before him) just has an infectious visual style that is at once serious, carefree, enjoyable, flirty, professional and fun. More here. Or on his Facebook page. Or you can read his tweets, too.

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