Architecture in Crisis by Patrick Bresnan

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Sometimes, when a city changes and  grows, some people get left behind, especially those who need safe, clean affordable housing. That’s what’s happening in Austin, Texas. The city’s seen amazing growth, but it’s also seen housing prices go up and up, pushing some people out of neighborhoods that they used to be able to afford and making it even harder for some to ever buy a house. This is a film that aims to explore what’s been happening and some of the efforts to stop it.

From the site: “Architecture in Crisis is a feature-length observational documentary film about student designers learning in the social context of the affordable housing crisis in Austin, TX. Specifically, the project captures a relationship between a University of Texas architecture studio and two affordable housing providers: the Guadalupe Neighborhood Corporation (GNDC), and the Clarksville Neighborhood Development Corporation(CNDC). Under the “Alley Flat Initiative,” a program whose purpose is to combat gentrification, students are tasked with designing an environmentally sustainable, economical and contextually relevant residential dwellings for the back of existing homes owned by GNDC and CNDC. The students have real clients, a real site and the possibility that one of their designs will be built.”

I’ve personally had the pleasure of seeing some of this initiative in action and can attest that this is something worth supporting. The filmmaker is seeking some funds to help finish the film (all the scenes have been shot). Will you check it out and see if it’s something you could donate to? More info and donate here.

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