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Daily Archives: November 7, 2011

Gael Wuithier’s M_COCOON Light

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects
Gael Wuithier's M_COCOON Light

Loving this light from French designer Gael Wuithier. “Reinterpretation of the chandelier antique, suitable via Contemporary Forms and noble materials. M_COCOON chandeliers act like a second skin silky sharp lines allowing in the light of expression.” We just like that fun shape. See more at WoodLabo, a Bordeaux, France / Turku, — Continue reading

Artist: Brendan Monroe

Categories: Art + Graphics
Brendan Monroe

Warping and wrapping cosmic clouds with a dangling pair of legs. galaxies and stars often ask us to take a walk with our shirts off and our minds open. Yellow flesh that slowly bubbles up and leaves the bones. Brendan Monroe takes a whack at just about any medium and — Continue reading

Featured Artist: Sterling Allen

Categories: Art + Graphics
Featured Artist: Sterling Allen

Big fan of folks who take a mix of items, do a little something to them, and combine them to create engaging, interesting compositions that then become our favorite kind of art. Loving Sterling Allen’s pieces, which are part sculptural, part “whoa what is that?” and more. Love the hip — Continue reading

Live Modern: SODAE-House by VMX Architects

Categories: Architecture + Interiors
Live Modern: SODAE-House by VMX Architects

We’ve been into pod-like spaces lately. Maybe it’s the cooler weather, but there’s something comforting about a nice little nest space. It’s almost like making modern design smaller and more nest-like warms up the fact that it’s sleek and modern. Does that make any sense? Let’s move on to the — Continue reading

Dining Chair DIY Round-up: 4 Ideas

Categories: DIY + How To, Modern Holiday Ideas
Dining Chair DIY Round-up: 4 Ideas

Last week we brought you a stunning array of purchasable dining chairs if you’ve suddenly realized the holidays are FAST approaching and your dining space isn’t quite ready/big enough to accommodate. While we loved every chair we suggested, we know that not everyone will be able to afford to buy — Continue reading

There’s a brave new world coming to your home – see it first!

Categories: News + Events + Contests
old shop photo, furniture

Where do you shop for your home? The same high street store your mum dragged you round twenty years ago? Boring… Forget the mass-market hum-drum and dive into a brave new shopping experience online.