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You know the drill: we believe a modern home is one that is only filled with the homeowner’s greatest loves–not cluttered to the brim with things they don’t need or really want. So when we pick out something–from the immensely huge wide world out there–to showcase, you better believe it’s because we love and think it would make an enriching addition to your modern home. Laura Carlin’s ceramics are just the thing.

When you don’t like a lot of knick-knacks or clutter, you have to really be on the lookout for things that will add a lot of warmth to your house–you don’t want your living room or kitchen looking like a house staged to sell, do you? Laura’s ceramic pieces are filled with personality in an intoxicatingly folk art-like way; her art featured geometric patterns, rudimentary animals shapes, plant motifs and other rather charming elements. Her color palettes walk the line between bold and subtle and feature enough hues to both be colorful and subdued. You wouldn’t need a lot of her pieces to add some personality to your spaces and that’s the point: each one in of itself is potent and powerful. More here.

What do you think about Laura’s ceramics? Just right or a little too folk artsy? Let us know!

Images: Laura Carlin
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