We Like What They Do: Kino Guerin

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One of the neatest things about furniture design is that for quite some time, furniture had just a few shapes and types that it came in, you know? Table. Chair. Bed. Furniture is designed for specific human purposes and functions and since humans are basically the same our furniture needs are the same. That’s why we always love rewarding and focusing on designers who are able to look beyond human function and design furniture with shapes that still meet a human’s needs, but bust through expectations of shape or aesthetics. Kino Guerin certainly does such a thing. His work is surprising, elegant, almost effortless, yet also almost un-understandable in terms of how he does it. Pretty neat stuff, don’t you think? More here.

What do you think about this work? Too strange for your tastes? Or cool?! Let us know!


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  1. Jason

    May 25, 2013 at 5:19 am

    Wow, these are works of art!! Amazing.

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