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Unusual & Striking Interior: House RNG

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

Modern is…seeing interiors that don’t relate to any interior you ever grew up in, but still appreciating it and finding tidbits of inspiration in it. The House RNG is a lovely, earthy, pared-back interior look that mixes cultural styles to create a simply stunning array of feelings and textures and colors. Furnishings are super simple and most furniture is made from wood or stone — materials from the earth. Colors are definitely from nature, and like nature, this interior is equal parts tranquil and dramatic. We love how it encourages its users to sit on the floor, move about the space, catch glimpses of outside views and more. By┬áTheHeder Partnership. Found in Yodfat, Israel.

Do you find inspiration in homes and interiors that are drastically different than what you grew up in/live in? Let us know.

Images: Architizer

One Comment to "Unusual & Striking Interior: House RNG"

  1. Exposed beams always make for dynamic interior, although at the same time it can make the room feel very quiet. There is something simple and elegant about them that makes a room feel very welcoming and yet designed at the same time.

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