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Trend: Spiced Pumpkin Color

Categories: Fashion + Trends

Are you ready for some fall-inspired, pumpkin-themed, Pinterest-grabbed color inspiration for yourself today?! Well get ready. So your favorite blogger in the world (me Adrienne) is on Pinterest, where motivating, intriguing and downright gorgeous visuals abound and are ready for you to take inspiration from them. We couldn’t help but notice, lately, a theme toward a rather lovely color we’re dubbing “spiced pumpkin.” Not quite a bright or garish orange, but not really a red-orange, but definitely with hints of earthy undertones, you’ll see: spiced pumpkin is infiltrating the worlds of fashion, home decor and art.

Images: spring inspiration; prime; clutch love; more clutch love; amy blackwell; David Band; Ligne Roset Togo Sofa; giant crossstitch

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