Skip the Architect with Pre-Made Plans?

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To look for modern house plans online can be a daunting task, leaving you wondering what you are getting yourself into.

To take a gander at CoolModernHousePlans.com will leave you presently surprised. Putting to use their field tested expertise as a design-build outfit of modern homes, Dialect Design has come up with a surprisingly beautiful set of contemporary houses that are easy to build. Their selection might be a cost-effective way to circumvent expensive architect’s fee and still receive a uniquely modern house.

Their T.1 and T.2 homes seem to be compact buildings, jamb-packed with flexible spaces that are still spacious in feel. In one of them a set of garage doors with insulated glass panels transforms a living room in gorgeous open space. Coupled with its boxy look and a red cantilevering cube, it could work well in an urban lot or in the country side.

The C.1 is worth looking at closer, too. It has a curved metal roof and gorgeous large open living space with grand picture windows. At the same time it has a few of Dialect Design’s signature comfy reading nooks and playful Zen like bathroom moments.

Would you skip an architect and save money by buying a pre-designed plan?

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