Old Meets New: Folded Corten House

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We suppose we have a bit of a new-meets-old theme going on today, and an important theme at that. As we move more into the future and farther away from the first types of architecture that were so iconic they still affect nearly every structure that goes up today, it’s vital to not forget the past. It’s important that as we reach for different, modern definitions of what a home, office and building is, that we still remember the past that has taken us this far.

That’s why we love homes like the Folded Corten House. It combines two sections of a house — one with recognizable shapes and a comfortable feel and one with modern shapes and ideas — yet still feels like it all works together as one cohesive design solution. That’s not easy to do, folks. This home might be all newly built, but the ideas in it are a mix of a new and old, and that’s modern design to us. By X Architekten. In Austria.

What do you think? Do you like how they mix really futuristic shapes with more recognizable ones?

Images: Architizer 
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