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Modern + Tuscan + Dreamy: Casa Olivi

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

This had us at “3oo years old.” And “Italian Villa.” And “renovated by Swiss Architects.” Is there any better combination than an old structure put through the filter of the sweet, modernist design sensibilities of the Swiss. The answer is no. And Casa Olivi is proof positive that the old and the new can combine to create some pretty sweet interiors.

Soft, neutral-colored, earthy stone walls give interior rooms character and are balanced out by fresh, crisp white walls that help define spaces and make traffic move smoothly throughout the space. Furnishings seem to come in one of three finishes: white, natural wood or stainless steel. They all mix and mingle in simply-shaped furniture and cabinets to create spaces that are at once quite harmonizing and relaxing but not boring in the slightest. It’s located in Treia, in the heart of the Marches, The New Tuscany. By the Swiss architects Markus Wespi and Jerome de Meuron. The house has its own website!

Images: Casa Olivi’s website

2 Comments to "Modern + Tuscan + Dreamy: Casa Olivi"

  1. thank you so much! lovely article! we are waiting for you in casa olivi…!

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