Modern, Halloween Skulls by Edie’s Lab

Modern Decor

It’s so tough being a huge holidays fan and a modern design lover–hardly ever do the two mesh well or frequently. But recent years have seen an  influx of contentious designers helping out modern tastes by designing holiday decor items that match our aesthetic needs. Today’s thoughtful, generous designers are the folks from Edie’s Lab.

Skulls come in small or large sizes, and in 10 colors,  four of which are great Halloween-y colors, like orange, bright green, yellow and white. At $25 and $35 respectively, they’re not too expensive so you can grab a few for a table display, to put on shelves or maybe to adorn a mantel. And best of all, like all their products, they use ZERO VOC paints. Wouldn’t these make a cute gift for Halloween lovers, too? Large ones! Small ones!

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