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Every now and then, there will come along a designer whose work is so prestigious, so thought-provoking–so good–that they actually become to represent a generation. Philippe Starck’s definitely a candidate for this one. Coming up with design solutions and ideas in a number of different fields (but most notably furniture design, interior design and industrial/product design), his work pushes boundaries, opens minds and usually looks pretty fantastic. 2Modern is happy to sell work designed by Philippe Starck as well as present to you some bite-sized biographical information of this famous, favorite designer.

A bulleted history:

  • Born January 18, 1949 in Paris, France, mais oui!
  • In 1975 starts designing interiors and product design projects.
  • First grabs the attention of the design world in 1982 when he designs the interiors of the apartment of the French President François Mitterrand.
  • Proves he’s no one hit wonder with the now world famous designs of Café Costes in Paris in 1984.
  • Single-handedly basically invents the boutique hotel craze when he works with Ian Schrager, former co-owner of Studio 54, on the Royalton Hotel on New York’s West 44th Street in 1988.
  • Joins the Domus Academy Department of Design as an associate lecturer in 1986.
  • Gains cult designer status in 1990 for his Juicy Salif design for Alessi, a sleek, sexy juicer.
  • In 2002 furthers his design cult status with his Ghost Chair design, a reinvention of a classic Louis XV armchair design. Designed for Kartell.
  • Wins a 2005 Industrial Design Excellence Award for the world’s first toothbrush sanitizer that he designed.
  • Has basically been rocking the faces off of everyone in the world with his designs up until today and beyond.

Work of Note: 
  • Private apartments of the French President François Mitterrand 1982
  • Café Costes in Paris 1984
  • Royalton Hotel on New York’s West 44th Street in 1988
  • Stylized toothbrushes for Alessi 1989
  • Juicy Salif created for Alessi 1990
  • Bubble Club Sofa and Armchair 2000
  • La Bohème stool 2001
  • Louis Ghost chair 2002
  • Inexpensive product designs for Target Stores 2002
  • First toothbrush sanitizer for the Yonkers, NY based company VIOlight 2004
  • Wireless speakers for the iPod and iPhone known as the Zikmu Parrot 2008

Style summary:

Slick. Futuristic. Simple but also kind of complex. The one prevailing thing that many of Starck’s designS projects have in common is they are fun. He definitely takes what he does seriously, but he understands that design can not only make life easier, it can make it more enjoyable. And while he may be one of the world’s top designers, he doesn’t aim to only create one-off, expensive designs that only a few can enjoy. He works toward creating designs, especially household ones, that can be enjoyed by many people. He’s also known to employ a lot of retro-inspired, futuristic-feeling, organic and colorful elements in his designs.

Own a piece of his work:

You best better believe we sell some of Philippe’s designs! Throughout his expansive career Philippe has designed for a number of the top design brands out there, and many of them we carry! Here are just a few of our favorite pieces. You can find all of his work at 2Modern: 2modern.com/designer/Philippe-Starck

 Images: wikipedia, the guardian, vitra.com, everythingsimple.com 
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