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Existing in a world today where everything is designed down to the ‘T’, it has become somewhat of a rare of occasion to stumble upon designs that attract your immediate attention. I was fortunate enough to come upon a design brand that snapped me right out of my ‘design jaded funk’ and enabled me to enter a whimsical world of children’s design. Their name? MezooMe. Their Game? A breath of fresh air into the world of children’s design. The master minds behind this charming brand? Maayan G. Spigel & Anat Biala, both young mothers to two children (each!) with a keen and undisputed sense of style with a mutual passion for children’s design.

This charming brand focuses it’s attention to high quality products with a whimsical edge that is visually pleasing and amusing to children and adults alike. Not only are the products sheer ‘eye candy’, they are also functionality oriented and made to perfection. What makes MezooMe stand out from the vast sea of other children designs is their minimalist approach, not over the top with a color combination that could make your eye sore, but rather an amazingly soothing color pallet married with a variety of sweet characters ( all this proper names and identities) that create a rich world that is unique only to MezooMe. More here.

Teady Bear Rattle

Mezoome Pillows

Pully Mully

Organic Babay Blanket

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