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We’ve really found ourselves to be quite the fans of Saunders Architecture, having featured a number of their structures before (namely their Norwegian, Sci-fi summer house). Their architecture is just so dreamy, otherworldly and imaginative, just like their Villa Morild we’re featuring right now. We love how they’ve included photographs of not just the house in its lot, but how you view the house as compared to other houses in the neighborhood. It really gives you a sense of their skills in being able to create a truly modern residential experience that doesn’t encroach negatively on the other experiences surrounding it. All white, oddly-shaped and contrasting nicely with the bright blue sky and crisp green grass, Villa Morild is a dream inside and out. From their website:

“The clients’ brief was very particular when it came to the live/work spatial relationship. They worked from home, so needed the two functions within the same plot, but they also wanted to keep them as separate as possible. ‘The tricky part was that while at home, you shouldn’t see the office and vice versa’, explains Saunders. Taking his cue from the tight brief and using the restrictions given by the terrain and orientation, as often is the case with projects built outside of an urban environment, Saunders moved forward with the design.” More here.

What’s your take?

Images: Todd Saunders with Attila Béres and Joseph Kellner
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