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Well, as you probably know our blog style, you’d know that we first noticed this house because of that beautiful landscape it’s sitting in! But that’s not the only thing that caught our eye with this home. We like the slightly striated, white exterior. It looks kind of like a really thin skeleton, or like some partition that’s been folded back on itself to create a neat shape that happens to be a house. It’s got a lot of elements to it that seem to defy physics. Look how small and spindly those columns are! They hardly look like they could hold anything up, but that’s likely the point. By including elements that give some shock, it kind of throws you off-guard, and almost makes you more perceptive to the rest of the home’s charms. And the fact that it is all white really makes it stand out in its very natural surroundings.

Created by Saunders Architecture, “Villa G lies like a white landmark in the soft landscape at Hjellestad, near Bergen. The house is large yet not dominating, modern but not pretentious. The house has a futuristic form but is built with traditional Nordic materials and architectural elements with a good basis in Norwegian building methods.” More here.

What do you think of this house’s shape? Too cool or too modern?

Images: Todd Saunders with Ryan Jørgensen and Thomas Pfeffer
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