Live Modern: Tea House by David Jameson

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The modern world is one of distractions. Lots of people. Work. Phones and various other technological devices. That’s why modern design, if it is to stay relevant, must take in account this need for a place where distractions can be minimized. Where one’s senses can be allowed to take in the smallest details. Where one’s spiritual self can be fed as much as their physical self. We think this Tea House by David Jameson is a perfect example.

It sports a pretty awesome-looking modern construction involving lots of metal beams and a sort of quasi-floating design. An almost-all glass square enclosure features simple, warm and natural materials and sparse furnishings. The homeowners of this particular tea house apparently use theirs for dining, playing music and quiet contemplation. We just love that nice warm glow. As spotted on Dezeen.

Images: Paul Warchol
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