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Live Modern: Suntro House

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

Last night I was thinking about getting business cards with rounded corners and I thought to myself how nice rounded corners are. They’re still structural but not too harsh. They still tell a shape story but just not scream it from the rooftops. They are sleek, but also kind of soft. If a rounded-corner business card was a woman she’d be really toned but still curvy.

What? Check out this house: Suntro House. It features architecture with some pretty sumptuously rounded corners. It’s still a modern, streamlined, rectangular volume that you see and feel an impact from, but you also sense its softening of the entire modern exterior. You sense this as a home that is modern and sleek with sharp angles and straight lines, but also with soft textiles and a few curves and proof that life is best when it’s a mix of the best parts of all ideas. Designed by Jorge Hernandez de la Garza. Located in Oaxtepec, Mexico. We even spotted in a photo where a corner of a sidewalk was rounded. Love that attention to detail.

What do you think?

Images: Architizer

One Comment to "Live Modern: Suntro House"

  1. Waaoow, what material is that? What impressed me isn’t the rounded corners, but how the house magically reflects the colours of the sky… Amazing.

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