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Live Modern: Randy Weinstein Design

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

Loving the modern looks of the architecture firm Randy Weinstein Design. We love super intense modern spaces, but we also love modern spaces that feel very comfortable and liveable. The kitchen above is a perfect example of what we mean. Clean lines on a countertop are in a cool, modern gray, but everything else in the space is sleek but wood and warm. Lots of green things like plants further bring nature in the space, highlighting the warmth. Everything is clean, but also accessible. It’s not so hidden that you wouldn’t be able to find things while you’re cooking. Couldn’t you just see this as the perfect setting for a dinner party or with family during the holidays? More here.

What do you think of these spaces?

Images: Randy Weinstein Design website

2 Comments to "Live Modern: Randy Weinstein Design"

  1. A brilliantly designed interior for this property. Got to agree with your point about modern houses often looking amazing but not like a comfortable living space, but this is the opposite. modern and comfortable, great work the designer!


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