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Well, this isn’t quite a barn, but you can see where our recent barn-mania may have led us to loving this piece of architecture. Man, what is it about German architects who just get it sooo right? This modern home in Landshut, Germany, is straight modern, no doubt, but it retains just enough hints of traditional styles to make it mouth-wateringly complicated, sophisticated and wonderful. From one angle it looks strictly modern — all straight lines and angles, but from the side you see a bit of an angled roof that is reminiscent of a more traditional dwelling. The inside is sparse and minimalistic, but with a lot of warmth and good woods that makes you feel like you’re in a old-fashioned cabin with the ones you love. The windows are well-placed and there aren’t too many of them, still letting the structure steal the show. The colors are monochromatic and earthy. The whole house sits on a bed of bright green grass, affording visitors plenty of views of the design. It just makes you want to celebrate important things and every day things within it. By Architekturbüro Leinhäupl + Neuber.

Give us three adjectives you’d use to describe this house. Go!

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