Live Modern: Casa en Gral. Rodriguez

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We think our love of this house in Argentina has a lot to do with volumes–and visible ones at that. There’s a comforting familiarity with modern architecture that doesn’t aim to confuse or surprise, but just provides an honest picture of what you might expect on the interior. This presentation made all the more stark by the lovely contrast between the crisp white exterior (which appears to actually be two slightly different shades of white) and all that lovely greenery.

We like all the material choices in the interior, which changes between light-colored, neutral stones to dark, dramatic woods. Though there’s plenty of gray concrete, the interior feels totally warm and liveable. Estudio Ramos, the architecture firm behind this design, did a great job connecting the structure to its surroundings, and not just from looking at it from the outside, but while you’re on the inside. There are plenty of spaces that lead to good views and connections to the yard and landscaping. An all around great, modern design in our opinion.

What about in yours?

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