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While we explore a number of different types and ideas of modern architecture, let’s get back to a nice classic example, shall we? You look at this home, known as the Airstream House, and you just totally think modern. It’s got sleek lines and a narrow footprint that makes it seem thin, ethereal and subtle. The materials are similarly sleek, featuring wood kept in a natural tone; the exterior doesn’t seem to have an outline which makes the whole structure seem to slowly bleed and blur into its surroundings.

The interior seems to have some powerful intersections of volumes and forms, which is important in a structure with such a streamlined shape. It would be boring if it were just hollow and you could see from one end to the other. Sure it would be easy to get a sense of the space but it’d be boring as heck. And also, of course, you know we love these photos because this lovely modern home is set against a backdrop of awesome (nature).

What do you think about this modern home? Do you consider it modern? What about it is modern to you?

Images: Architizer
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