Language of a Simple Line

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“The line is the most elemental and foundational of human marks.  Lines become language.” Says Anne Ellegood, Senior Curator at Los Angeles’  Hammer Museum.



Linn Meyers is totally enamored with the simplicity of the line.   Trained as a painter, Meyers’ primary focus these days  is drawings on paper, mylar  and  on walls.  Taking a simple line then repeating the lines until they fill a void, she creates works that chart time and space.   Working with a matrix of predetermined circles, she applies consecutive lines of color , blues, reds and aubergine, that are repetitive and rhythmic.    Her work is very labor intensive and takes you in.  Especially the larger pieces which transport you into another place.  Rather than being caught up in a tangled web of lines.  There is a sense of order and peace.



Having had the opportunity to see her work in the minimalistic entry staircase of Los Angeles’ Hammer Museum,  I was overwhelmed with the patience and care it took to apply each line directly to the wall.  A work of art she calls “Every now.  And again.”, takes the modern architecture of the space and the environment into full account.  Linn Meyer speaks my  language.  A simple line can change an emotion or an expression.
Linn’s exhibition at The Hammer Museum in Los Angeles will be on view through November 6th, 2011.

Have an infinitely modern day!

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