Kozai Modern: Fireworks, Ninja Stars & Pinwheels

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Kozai Modern is a destination for Mid-Century Modern design with a West Coast twist. Their collection includes both West Coast and Japanese studio furniture and lighting. The contemporary Wappa lighting series from Japan captures the essence of mid-century lighting design.

Kozai Modern Fireworks Light

With playful names that translate to Fireworks (Hanabi), Ninja Star (Shuriken) and Pinwheel (Kazaguruma), the Wappa series, designed and crafted in Japan by Toshiyuki Tani, are dramatic bent cedar shades, each casting light and shadow patterns into the surrounding space.

The Ninja Star is included in Taschen’s most recent edition of 1000 Lights.

Kozai Modern Ninja Star Light

I learned that lighting designer Tani seeks out traditional Japanese wood crafts which he then utilizes inthe creation of his contemporary fixtures. The craft of bending Japanese cedar was apparently traditionally used in northern Japan to form cups, bowls and other round vessels.

Other traditional wood craft techniques Tani has used include splitting bamboo (Sen) and turning disks (Mocoro).

You can find all of Tani’s Wappa, Sen and Mocoro lines at Kozai Modern.

Kozai Modern Pinwheel Light

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  1. B2Modern

    Nov 2, 2011 at 8:03 am

    Wow, these look like they took a lot of work to make. Really cool results though.

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