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Interiors: Milk and Honey Home

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

While we usually focus on just one space with pretty rockin’ interiors for our interiors feature posts, sometimes we come across an interior designer so amazing that it’s just not possible to choose any one space, as is the case with the portfolio of firm Milk and Honey. Good golly these are some gorgeous interior spaces! Absolutely chock full of inspiration for those who enjoy modern design with a leaning toward eclectic charming details that are almost cutesy but still warm you over anyway.

There are sooo many spaces to choose from in their portfolio, from cottage spaces to city spaces to suburb spaces to townhouse spaces and more. There are a lot of different styles and tastes reflected here. And though none of them are the sort of sleek, stark, cold, minimalist modernism you might be hankering, you don’t have to follow these inspirational photos to a “T”; just pick and choose the elements you like to give your spaces a burst of personality! More here.

Which is your favorite space? Even if these aren’t your style, are there some elements you might find inspiration in?

4 Comments to "Interiors: Milk and Honey Home"

  1. Love the exposed stone in and around the fireplace, helps to make the fireplace stand out and make it the main feature of the room.

  2. love the accent colors incorporated with all of the earthy tones.

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