How-to: Make Wood and String Art

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Always on the hunt for affordable, DIY art that you’d actually want to put in your modern home, we found this project by Elisa Blaha (who you might remember from her DIY: Pinwheel Painting we posted not too long ago). As we’ve stated many times, a DIY project’s no good if you don’t actually want to use it. Aesthetics are good. Functionality is best. And this wood and string art’s got ’em both. Like a few other projects we’ve posted in the past, we like the take she’s done on it, but we also like its potential. You can take the ideas shown in this project, come up with your own personalized designs and totally rock it. Ya dig?

So the basic gist of this project involves a piece of wood any color you’d like, some nails, a design, and some string. There are so many variables that can allow you to make this project all yours. The background wood color. The color of the string. The actual design. And even if you decide to wrap the string randomly or be more organized about it. Love it. Can you imagine how cool a wall full of a bunch of these would look? Modern and DIY. And affordable! More here.

Images: Elise Blaha
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