How-to: Refresh Vintage Wood

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If spring is for cleaning, then fall is for refreshing…your furniture! Specifically, your beautiful wood furniture. This post, found at one of our favorite blogs The Brick House (which we wrote about their Fauxdenza DIY project before), is a simple explanation of some of the ways in which you can take some wood that’s looking not-so-hot and make it look way hotter. It’s actually so simple, we’re surprised it’s never occurred to us before, but we’re glad she wrote it down. Exploring a couple of different tips and steps you can take, she also makes a list of just the right products to use to safely primp and pamper you wood — vintage or new. Keep in mind that this isn’t just for the benefit of an individual piece; rehabbing all of your wood pieces will work together to make your entire interior space look good. Read steps, tips and product lists here.

Do you have any tried-and-true methods for refreshing vintage woods? Or have you tried a method that turned out to be a disaster? Share your success and horror stories!

Images: Morgan Satterfield
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  1. Madeline

    Oct 5, 2011 at 6:34 am

    I found a great Danish Modern credenza with a destroyed top- burns- chips, the rest of it was ok. I re-veneered the top in teak and then lightly sanded and re-oiled the piece and it is the showcase of my living room.

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