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How-to: Make Your Own Kitchen Table

Categories: DIY + How To

You might be asking yourself why in the world you would ever want to make your own kitchen table, when there are so so so so many table options out there. Well, why make anything, really? The ability to completely customize and control the look of it. Save money or reuse materials. Or sometimes just to do it because you like making things with your hands. Whatever the case, if you’ve been looking for the project to take your DIY skills to the next level, this might be the one. Of course we would only trust our kitchen table-making plans in the hands of the good, crafty folks at Curbly. They have a brilliant round-up on their site that culls together not one, not two, not five but twelve DIY kitchen table projects. All different styles. All different aesthetics. All different skill levels. What are you waiting for? Go over there and choose the one you like the most and get started!

Which one of the twelve would you choose to make? Let us know!

6 Comments to "How-to: Make Your Own Kitchen Table"

  1. Very interesting and useful! Might have to give it a go!

  2. “why in the world you would ever want to make your own kitchen table?”

    Because anything made with particle board is too heavy, overpriced and horrendous quality made in china garbage.

    • Agree 100%! Plus, when you have company over and they say, “Wow, cool table” you can proudly say, “I made it myself.”

  3. Am planning on making a kitchen table roughly 10’x32” with decking boards 20 feet long,5/4 thick etc. Plan on using 4×4 legs covered with deck white plastic covers. Any ideas on construction?? Will try to use one center 4×4 leg also. All ideas appreciated!!

  4. Have made and completed the table, it’s really nice and has been used for a week. Used decking because it was excess from a real deck that was just installed by someone else. You’re right, it’s really heavy and seats at least 12 people and will be used frequently.

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