How-to: Braid Your Own Doormat

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I currently don’t have a doormat at my home. Not for a lack of choices out there. And not because I like it when guests track dirt and mud into my house. No, I don’t have a doormat simply because I haven’t found one I liked. Until now. See, for me (and I expect for others) all doormats out there had a problem: many of the interesting ones were too design busy, and many of the plain ones were just too, well, plain. This one, spotted on Martha Stewart’s website, is perfect because the pattern isn’t applied, it’s inherent, making for a simple yet textural and interesting doormat.

And the fact that you could totally do this by yourself on the cheap is a bonus! Now it’ll require some knotting skills, but with careful instructions and a little practice, it seems doable. Plus, as always, this affords a lot of ability to customize: you could make it any size you needed and probably even make it a lot of different colors. More here!

LIKE a lot of color in your doormats and floormats? Don’t want to make one yourself? Don’t worry! 2Modern’s got you covered:

Koko – Branches Runner Floormat
Koko – Dogs Plastic Floormat
Koko – Bamboo Plastic Floormat
Koko – Birds Plastic Floormat
Koko – Pop Plastic Floormat
Koko – Optics Plastic Floormat

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