Hill Country Views with the Wimberley House

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Does it seem like we focus on Texas-centered architects or Texas properties a lot around here? Well, it just so happens that your friendly blog editor-in-chief (Adrienne) lives in Texas (Austin, to be exact) but that’s not really why we focus on them (if you could say we focus on them at all). It just so happens there are a lot of great architects creating designs that are modern, appropriate for their settings and full of fun details in Texas.

Like Cunningham ArchitectsWimberley House, which offers stunning views of the Texas Hill Country. We were first enchanted by the long glass wall that afforded us a sneak peek of a long library wall full of books. Modern plus books is a big selling point for us. But it’s also the home’s brilliant setting in its site that really makes us find this home so wonderful; did you see that amazing terrace view? Sheesh. We also like that Cunningham Architects works on a lot of religious structures as well. There’s a neat correlation between all that, I think.

Images: Cunningham Architects
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