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There’s a saying in design (we’re paraphrasing): “If you can’t change something, make it bigger. If you can’t make it bigger, make it red.” Now we don’t mean to imply that the giant red pizza oven wasn’t painted red intentionally, we’re just saying it certainly sticks out, doesn’t it? But kind of in a good way. And kind of the rest of the space sticks out in a good way, too.

We love how those yellow legs and bases to the stools give such a structural, graphic feel and balance out that bold red. The whole space has a strong industrial feel with those metal air ducts and the high, exposed ceilings. All the unfinished wood both warms up the space and gives it a rough, casual look. This place is very big in size, but they’ve done a good job of creating cozy and intimate feelings with built-in booths and high-back chairs. Love those big, open windows, too. Is it just me or wouldn’t this make a really kick-butt modern kitchen design for a home? Pitfire Pizza by Bestor Architecture.

What do you think about this restaurant design?

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