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Food/Design: Cardamomo

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

There are rumors out there swirling around that yellow might be the least favorite color–of everyone–of all time. We certainly don’t necessarily love it personally, but it has its merits. For one thing, it’s totally cheerful as all get out. We dare you to be unhappy in a brightly-painted yellow room. It’s impossible.

It’s also a warm color, so by its scientific nature it tends to warm us up and energize us when we’re in space. Why all this talk about yellow? Well Cardamomo, a restaurant in Panama, Panama, sure has taken a train straight to yellowland, and we’re kind of loving it. Pairing the yellow with a simple, undulating, shingle-like wall and crisp, white linens, the whole composition of this restaurant is bold and modern. Created by SKETCH.

Could this be inspiration for your own space? 

Images: Architizer

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