Featured Artist: Pen & Gravy

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We like fine art, complicated art, art-only-found-in-a-gallery as much as the next blog. But we also think modern design is knowing and seeing that art exists in more casual forms. That the art of someone’s doodles in a journal can be just as groundbreaking and important and nice to look at as some famous artist’s paintings in a museum. Though, we don’t mean to imply that Jamie from Pen & Gravy’s work isn’t so lovely it might not end up in a museum some day.

Many of us doodle, but few of us doodle quite as nice as the drawings we spotted on the tumblr Pen & Gravy. What great movement. What great line weight and pattern. These are reminders that art, life, drawing, color and more are supposed to be fun. Are you having fun today? Are you enjoying it? More here. Etsy store here.

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